Short Résumé

Born in 1978, I finished High-School in Lingen(Ems) in 1997. After earning myself a Diploma in Computer Science from the Technical University of Dortmund (Minor: Business Administration) in 2005, I started as a research associate at the Technische Universität München, Chair of Services and Technology Marketing (Prof. Dr. Florian v. Wangenheim). I received my doctoral degree (Dr. rer. pol., grade: summa cum laude) in 2008.

After being a consultant for information security issue at Detecon Switzerland AG, I switched back to my passion “CRM”, I was hired as a customer intelligence strategist by DeutschlandCard GmbH, the second largest multi-partner loyalty program in Germany. After a little over two years, I switched to Rocket Internet in Berlin where companies like Zalando, eDarling and many more were incubated. Currently, I am responsible for the Customer Management at EPIC Companies - another Berlin-based incubator.

My interests include “Analytical CRM”, “Value Based Customer Management Strategies” and “Finance”.


Dr. Markus Wübben

Name: Dr. rer. pol. Markus Wübben

Birthday: April 9, 1978

Employer: EPIC Companies

Occupation: Head of Customer Management


Files and Links of Interest:

  1. BulletXing Profile

  2. BulletCV available upon request